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Pedal Me Pinky: Parking, praise and a guy called Gavin

Park it

Motor vehicle manufacturer Ford launched its ‘Park the Car’ campaign last week, with an accompanying letter from Ford Europe President Stuart Rowley setting out the company’s aim to target 1 million ‘journey swaps’ across Europe over the next 12 months – persuading drivers out of their vehicles and onto bikes or on foot for short journeys, and away from the ‘grab the car keys and go’ culture.

It’s an interesting initiative from a company whose very existence relies on car usage. But it is doing the right thing here, and that is to be applauded. We can’t help but wonder how the message would go down in Ford’s homeland of USA though. Getting America to reduce its reliance on the motor car is going to be a hard sell. Good luck…


(photo: Barnaby)

Share the love

You have used Pedal Me at some point, right? Can we ask a little favour? If you could leave us a review here it helps boost our Google ranking – assuming it’s a glowing report! – and helps improve our visibility to anyone seeking courier or passenger services in London. No need to embellish the truth. Tell it like it is. We are pretty confident our all-star crew provide a five-star service. Thank you in advance!


(photo: Duncan)

Rider of the week

Say hello to Gavin, our wheelie king from east London – not on one of our bikes, we hasten to add…

He’s been with Pedal Me since December, is passenger trained and also two-thirds of the way through his trailer training. It’s intense work, but satisfying.

“When you’ve got a trailer behind, the length and width is pretty big – you’ve got to think about everything. But I’ve really enjoyed it. I don’t think people appreciate the loads we can carry through London.”

We like Gavin.  And so do you.

Ian Cleverly
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