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Pedal Me Pinky: Bigger, better, faster, cleaner

Code pink

Our fleet of bikes have smart new banners, including a QR code, to make it even easier to book. Pretty cool, even if we say so ourselves. We are delivering more cargo than ever before; carrying more passengers; making waves in London logistics – all with ultra-low emissions. Join us

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House of cards

Our fabulous riders are Pedal Me’s best form of advertising – polite, helpful, hard-working, all round lovely people. Do stop and have a chat if you see us on the street. Ask for a card and sign up to Pedal Me and new customers get 20% off your first week, and the rider receives commission on your orders. That’s how we roll.

Urban Arrow

Power up

We have three fully serviced, surplus to requirements Urban Arrows remaining – the best cargo bikes money can buy. In fact, you can’t actually get hold of them right now…  Interested? Full spec and further details here

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Rider of the Week

Calum is not only a super colleague but holds a masters degree from SOAS – the clue’s on the t-shirt – publishing their dissertation on motor vehicle dependancy in economic development. Calum also supplies us with a host of fabulous photos for our social media posts. And recently starred on Channel 4 news. Legend!

Ian Cleverly
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