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Cargo bike freight is the solution for urban logistics

Fast – E-Cargo bikes are faster than motors in cities, and can safely navigate and bypass congestion bringing huge time and money savings.

Efficient – E-cargo bikes annual running costs are 19% of that of a small van (fuel, insurance, parking etc), and cumulative time and cost savings make them 30% more efficient.

Future Proof – Motor traffic is being phased out of city centres as we move to a low carbon economy. Not only are e-cargo bikes efficient and green, they will secure and improve your access to trade in cities, and help maintain business continuity.

Why training professional riders is important for your business


Our City & Guilds ‘Assured’ cargo bike training is setting the industry standard for cycling logistics; by choosing us you add credibility to your cargo bike operation while maintaining good customer service


You can be confident that your staff can maximise the potential of cargo bikes safely, while also maintaining the delivery standards your business already has in place.


With a high standard of road etiquette and vehicle control, you significantly reduce risk to goods in transit, ensure the safety of your staff, and uphold the reputation of your brand

eco-friendly delivery on bicycle in London training

What Pedal Me Training can offer you

We offer four years experience in researching and developing in-house bespoke, vocational, multi-stage training specific to e-cargo bikes that address real world situations and risks.

Your staff will benefit from consistent training standards and processes, recognised and ratified by City & Guilds with their ‘assured’ status.

Our course involves staged progression from observation to assessment, in live traffic environments, with fair, objective ‘pass or fail’ judgement.

Our training is partnered with the City of London Corporation.

You will receive consultancy based around the Urban Arrow XL, tailoring what you need from this supremely versatile vehicle to your business needs.

  • City & Guilds Assured training
  • Graded assessment and certification
  • Staged progression to excellence
  • Consistent, realistic, expert led coaching
  • Observed on-road assessment
  • Bikeability ‘Level 3’ participation


Feedback from businesses we’ve trained

The training boosted the confidence of the team when riding with heavy loads, and highlighted the importance of a positive demeanour when riding in the city. Having had the training from Pedal Me helps satisfy suppliers that their kit is safe when it’s on our bike.



We absolutely loved it, and it resulted in everyone becoming confident, competent, and happy riders of an e-cargo bike around the streets of London, whatever the payload.

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