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The Pedal Me Way – faster, cheaper, greener

Our fleet of electric cargo bikes piloted by highly-skilled, well-trained riders is changing the landscape of same day deliveries and passenger transport in London.

Vans are no longer a viable option on the capital’s congested and polluted streets. Traffic jams, parking fines, congestion charges, reduced air quality – traditional courier services are outdated, inefficient and impact our environment.

Pedal Me offers an alternative solution that really is faster, cheaper and greener. Your pink-clad couriers keeping London moving with a mission.


Meet the team

Andy Boulanger

Chris Dixon

Chris Dixon Co-CEO & co-founder

Fiona O’Keeffe Head of Operations








James Holloway

James Holloway
Head of Training and Development

Irakliy, Pedal Me

Irakliy Megrelidze
Head Mechanic

Barney Spigel

Barney Spigel
Rider rep