Terms & Conditions

'Pedal Me' is a service operated by The Future Vehicles Company Limited, registered at 52-53 Ewer Street, SE1 0NR. The aim of Pedal Me is to provide fast, fun, clean, cost-effective travel around urban environments. We operate through a webapp (pedalme.app) and also take orders by phone, e-mail or via social media for those who’ve already set up accounts with us. We operate under the following terms and conditions.

1. For provision of ‘Pedal Me Passenger’; 'Pedal Me Cargo' and 'Pedal Me Trailer' services

1.1 ‘Pedal Me Passenger’ consists of a two-wheeled cargo bike with a rider certified to carry passengers with a total weight not exceeding 150 kg

1.2 ‘Pedal Me Cargo’ consists of a cargo bike, with a rider certified to carry cargo with a total weight not exceeding 150 kg.

1.3 ‘Pedal Me Trailer’ refers to one of our two-wheeled cargo bikes towing a large trailer, suitable for carrying up to 150 kg cargo on the trailer and 150 kg cargo (or passengers) on the bike; or up to 220kg on the trailer and less carried on the bike – to a max total cargo weight of 300kg.

2. Booking & Paying

2.1 You can book our services through pedalme.app in your browser.

2.2 Payment is taken directly through the app. A “pre-auth” payment is taken at the time of booking, then returned – at the end of the journey the final journey cost is calculated and charged, at rates that are available on the Pedal Me website – https://pedalme.co.uk/support. Note that these prices vary from time to time, and higher charges apply at certain times. See the Help & Support section of the website for details.

2.3 A cancellation charge of £11.60 inc VAT applies, should you choose to cancel the journey for any reason with less than 30 minutes notice. A £46.40 inc VAT cancellation charge applies if a Pedal Me Trailer booking is cancelled with less than 1 hours notice. Once the rider has arrived at the pickup location, the booking has started, and is due in full.

2.4 If a booking is not cancelled, a rider arrives at the pickup location, and they end up failing the job after a reasonable effort to find the customer, the full price is charged.

2.5 Cost estimates produced by the app are not binding, they are estimates for guidance only, and the actual cost may vary – we charge for time spent at pickup and drop.

2.6 We keep a record of all bookings and you are encouraged to provide feedback through the app to allow us to improve our service.

2.7 We reserve the right to decline any booking at our discretion, and services are provided ‘as available’. We will contact you as soon as possible if we’re unable to resource a job. Please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

2.8 Surcharges. We charge surcharges during anti-social hours and at peak times to 1) encourage clients to book at quieter times and 2) provide an extra incentive to riders to work in those hours. Surcharges apply to jobs which fit entirely within the surcharge period – any jobs which run across into the off-peak times according to our booking system will not be charged the surcharge.

3. 'Pedal Me' Passenger Journeys

3.1 Passengers must take responsibility for themselves, their own possessions and actions while travelling with us. Please ensure you keep your belongings secure whilst travelling, in particular mobile phones etc.

3.2 Our bikes are fairly hardy, but passengers are responsible for damage to, or necessary cleaning of our bikes and equipment resulting from use of our services where such damage or soiling is beyond reasonable wear and tear or from unreasonable conduct.

3.3 We carry insurance to £5 million against injury to passengers.

4. Terms of carriage for 'Pedal Me Cargo' And ‘Pedal Me Trailer' Journeys

4.1 Our employees may cancel the journey at any time if they are concerned for either their own or the safety of your goods.

4.2 We can carry large items on our bikes (up to 150 kg), but not all will fit – if you are uncertain contact us direct to check whether your load will fit on our bikes. You can do this by e-mailing [email protected] or calling 0203 189 1612. If the rider cannot carry the load in one go we may need to charge you for a second job. Our trailers can carry larger items (up to 150 kg on the trailer, as well as 150 kg on the towing bike), again, get in touch if you have any queries.

4.3 Do please inform us in advance if we are transporting particularly fragile or time sensitive items, and make sure you communicate clearly with us pickup location; contact details; dropoff location and drop off contact details. We cannot be responsible for delay, damage or loss as a result of a failure to communicate these details with us.

4.4 If we are unable to make a delivery for any reason, then the client is responsible for the cost of the return trip if required.4.5 Pedal me is insured to £25,000 load value for loss or damage in transit.

4.5 Transit shall commence when the cargo is passed to Pedal Me at the pickup point or at its premises.

4.6 Transit ends when delivery is either:i) Offered to the recipient, resident or responsible party at the delivery addressii) Left in a safe place in accordance with instructions from the recipient or clientiii) Returned to the client

4.7 Any delivery timescales presented are estimates and Pedal Me is not responsible for any loss of revenue caused by late delivery. We will offer refunds where delay is beyond what might reasonably be expected, and the delay was our fault. We won’t refund delays incurred through delays at collection, wrongly addressed booking or poor instructions.

4.8 The client is responsible for the return of their own external packaging equipment such as crates or thermal boxes. If a return is not arranged then these may be held or disposed of.