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Pedal Me specialises in big loads. Our riders are not only helpful, but highly trained in carrying same day goods across the Capital – safely and securely.

We are fully insured and all our riders are continuously trained and assessed for cargo and passenger transport, assured by City and Guilds certification.

With our ever-expanding fleet of e-cargo bikes, we can reach those places vans struggle to get to – cleanly, greenly and efficiently. No diesel emissions, no congestion charges, and no getting stuck in traffic.

Load capacity is 150kg for a bike, or a whopping 300kg with a trailer. The carrying capability of a Pedalme rig makes us leaders in the cargo bike field. Multi-drop deliveries are our forte – an economical and ecological solution to your logistics requirements.

And what do we deliver? Flowers, food, beer barrels, sofas, bicycles, even mattresses. And coffee. A lot of coffee. You name it, we carry it.

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