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Pedal Me Pinky: Air quality, multi drops and sea shanties

Busy bees

We took a record number of bookings last Thursday, a sure sign of a busy summer coming right up – thank you, all customers and Pedal Me staff. You are the best! Think pink.

Pedal Me delivery

Multi drops are us

Our fleet of bikes and their highly-skilled pilots can carry loads of up to 150kg. Add a trailer and the capacity doubles. All this by the means of the electric bike and good old-fashioned leg power. Pretty impressive, we trust you’ll agree.

This makes Pedal Me the ultimate multi-drop specialists in London. Got a series of deliveries from a single collection point? It would be our pleasure.

Need large-scale package drops all over the city? We can do that too, by utilising our capacious distribution hub premises in the heart of SE1.

Get in touch and we’ll do the rest.

Pedal Me bike

Photo: Barnaby Spigel

A breath of fresh air?

An air pollution map produced by the Central Office of Public Interest (COPI) and Imperial College London shows 97% of UK addresses exceed WHO limits for at least one of three key pollutants, while 70% of addresses breach WHO limits for all three.

Unsurprisingly, London neared the top of the poor air table. Rather more unlikely is the fact that John Betjeman’s least favourite town, Slough, came out top of the charts…

There’s a handy little pollution checker tool for your home address here. Expect the worse, sadly.

On the plus side, the cleanest air in Britain can be found at Balmoral Castle, in the zero percentile. Is it coming on the market any time soon?

sea shanty

Hooray and up she rises

Why are we featuring the London Sea Shanty Collective in action last weekend at York Minster, you may well ask? That’s our very own trainer Duncan, the salty sea dog himself, leading the line, rocking the Pedal Me pink buff and raising money for the Hull Maritime Folk Festival.

Blow, Duncan, blow (huh!)

Ian Cleverly
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