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Pedal Me news: QR codes, Lizzie’s languages and Life of Brian

In the Pink

Our fleet of bikes now has this handy QR code on the side banners. Booking a Pedal Me has never been simpler. Need flowers in Fulham? Coffee in Clapton? Or people in Peckham? We’re on it.

We cater for all types of customer, from occasional users to major companies with daily requirements for moving goods quickly, efficiently, cleanly and greenly across the Capital.

The Pedal Me fleet of marvellous machines and skilful riders has become a recognised part of London’s buzzing streets. Now we are converting visibility to profitability for our ever-growing team.

Whatever you are, wherever you are, get scanning and we’ll do the rest.

Booking with Pedal Me

Rider of the week

Meet Lizzie, our resident languages expert. She speaks French, German, a bit of Italian, and has been learning Farsi since 2018.

The eagle-eyed among you will notice the climbing shoes attached to her bike, for a spot of up-the-air relaxation at the Castle climbing centre in north London.

“I’ve been with Pedal Me since last August. And I love being outside – it’s a great team, good vibes.”

That works in any language.

Pedal Me to Parliament?

We welcome this week’s announcement by Transport Secretary Grant Schapps that legislation is in progress to control what he described as “the Wild West of pedicabs or rickshaws”, following campaigning by Cities of London and Westminster MP Nickie Aiken.

Pedal Me would like to engage with policy makers to ensure a sensible and regulated outcome for all. Can you help us get a seat at that table and steer the conversation for improving the streets for all? Drop us a line at [email protected]

The Life of Brian

This is Brian. He’s been working hard for some two years now. Lead mechanic Irakliy tells us Brian has had “two major heart surgeries” – new motors – over his working life, but is still going strong. With a well-maintained future and a bit of TLC, he should be good for up to 15,000 miles. Not bad, eh? We like Brian.

Ian Cleverly
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