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Unionising Pedal Me

Pedal Me was created with two goals:

  • Decarbonise urban transport/logistics
  • Build a fair employment model

All Pedal Me riders are employed. We do not hire riders on zero hours contracts. We cover PAYE, National Insurance, holiday, pension and sick pay – this makes it 30% more expensive to operate than companies who choose not to treat their staff as employees.

We have committed to the London Living Wage. We raised customer prices to be able to increase employees’ wages in the last 2 weeks. Everybody rides at Pedal Me, with salaries across the board based on the average rider pay. When Pedal Me succeeds, we all succeed.

It is only right that Pedal Me recognises an official union for those employees who wish to become – or are already are – members of a representative organisation. 

With this in mind, Pedal Me’s plan is to organise discussions and presentations where unions would be invited to meet employees and present their case.

At the end of this series of presentations, and within 6 months, we would ask any union that represents 10% or more of the workforce to make themselves known, then hold a referendum where we ask 2 questions to all employees :

  • Do you want Pedal Me to recognise a union?
  • If the majority of employees vote “Yes”, which qualifying union should be recognised?

This referendum would be held online, through an independent, certified third party.

If the majority of our employees choose to recognise a union, we would work with the chosen union to recognise it as fast as possible.

We will therefore await the democratic decision of the Pedal Me workforce before recognising any union.

We are Pedal Me. We constantly strive for fair employment practices. We welcome having a union holding us to our principles. We want our employees to decide if they want union representation, and if so which one. We believe this is democracy in the workplace.

Olivier Rousseau, CEO

Chris Dixon, CCO

Andy Boulanger, CTO

Nik Thompson, CFO

Ian Cleverly
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