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International Cargo Bike Festival in photos


Ok, anyone know the way to Holland?

First stop: East London Liquor Company to load up on beverages

All aboard the booze bike

Lunch stop in Essex

Harwich ferry, bound for Hook of Holland

Conor swung by to pick up some lovely mixers in NL by our friends The Berry Company. Cheers!

Sound system, check. Bikes, check. T-shirts, check. Let’s get this expo started

New bike day! 12 Urban Arrows collected

Checked out lots of cargo bikes. This is bang tidy

Woah! What IS that?

Gave lots of rides round the excellent test track and made friends with the Kawasaki guys

Dan: Weird low-ri-der

Hey, Randall, that’s not a bike

Randall, WTF?!




Alex did his best Tom Cruise impression for Happy Hour

We recycled all the cans, and loaded the empty bottled for return to EELC to be refilled…

…then hosted an impromptu rave before heading home

Caught a wonderful sunset on the Dutch coast

And some crisp blue skies back in Essex. Then home to London town

165kg spirits, 600 cans mixers, 8 x speakers, DJ decks, 12 new bikes, 420km

Mission accomplished

The End


Ian Cleverly
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