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National Cargo Bike Summit

This National Cargo Bike Summit 2023 brings together all players in the cargo bike ecosystem to showcase cargo bike benefits to the public and private sector. Be there and be part of the revolution

Cargo bike summit

Where, when?

Join us at The Guildhall on Friday, March 31, for a variety of wide-reaching discussions and networking around the future of cargo bike deliveries. It’s gathering pace – and this is a big step in the right direction – so come on down and discover more about the advantages of this rapidly-expanding sector.

And public tickets are from just £10 on Saturday, April 1 (no joke), so get down to the city of London and get involved. You know it makes sense.


Who’s talking?


Chris Dixon


In the red corner, Pedal Me co-founder, heavyweight rabble rouser and all round cargo bike evangelist Chris Dixon: “He drives continuous improvement of riding standards, leads on lobbying, policy engagement, and outreach, and is also tasked with the development of secondary revenue streams.”


James Holloway


And in the pink corner, we present James ‘The Hulk’ Holloway, the best in the business: “An experienced cycling instructor and has worked with Pedal Me since its outset to define and deliver best practice training. He wrote Pedal Me’s ‘best in class’ Professional Cargo Cycle Training programme and focuses on training policy and delivery.”

Seconds out, round one. Ding-ding.


cargo bike festival

Who’s showing?

There will be a host of cargo bike suppliers on site to bend your ear and give you a steer – the likes of Tern, Raleigh, Fully Charged, E-bikes Direct and Carla, who supply some of our amazing trailers.


Pedal Me

And why?

According to the Bicycle Association, eCargo bikes are the key growth area across the UK bike market, with sales increasing by 37% in the 12 months to May 2022, compared with the previous year.

Across the EU, an estimated 400,000-500,000 cargo bikes will sell this year, reflecting a 68% growth in sales, says the European Cargo Bike Survey Results 2022. Can we replicate this in the EU?

Looking specifically at cargo bikes used for commercial purposes, European Cargo Bike Survey Results 2022 indicate that our respondents have achieved aggregate revenues of €400 M, employment of 28,000 people, total travel of 250 M of km, and 50,000 tons of CO₂ saved per year. If we project that to the whole of Europe, we can estimate that the existing fleet of commercial cargo bikes is generating around €2.5 bn revenues, 170,000 employees, 1.5 bn of km travelled, and saving 302,000 tons of CO₂ per year.

Ian Cleverly
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