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Competitor Analysis


We’ve been carrying out one of our regular competitor analysis pieces – checking where we fit in the market and making changes to ensure we’re delivering great value for money for our customers.

Our view: by operating as efficiently as we can and reducing costs, we should be able to provide a logistics service that competes with motor vehicle and contractor-based logistics by operating  more efficiently.

We should be good for your business and your wallet, and we know we should continue to provide a great quality of service – these changes represent a move to make sure we deliver that for you.
Key changes to pricing to improve the service and allow us to compete in more sectors:

  1. Introducing a new “small cargo” (up to 30kg) option that is up to 30% cheaper than the standard option. This reflects the loads that can be carried in a car boot, or by a contractor with a cargo bike. Aimed to compete with other couriers’ “small load” option.
    We can make this work as a business by overlaying jobs together on the same bike, making use of our super-high carrying capacity.
  2. Our competitor analysis shows that we are already very good value for money for multi-drops, but this service is being under-utilised…so we’re introducing fixed rates per drop for business customers.
    Flat rate per-drop rates for businesses start at £5/drop for smaller drops.  For small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) doing Same Day / Next Day deliveries – get in touch and we’ll quote you.
  3. Increasing the amount of “free time” at each pickup and drop so our quotes are closer to the actual job cost:– 8 minutes for a standard cargo pick-up
    – 6 minutes to the new “Small Cargo” option
    – 5 minutes for passenger jobs
    – 20 minutes for trailer jobsWe’ve also increased the cost of wait time after this point to more strongly encourage faster turnarounds at pickups and drops – this is because the number one cause of delays for us is delays at pickups and drops.
  4. We have already removed our weekend surcharge – so if you need us on a weekend, we’re cheaper.
  5. Reduced costs for passenger jobs, especially under ASAP / on-demand basis.

Alongside these new changes – our competitor analysis shows that for large orders up to 150kg, we are a much cheaper alternative.

For a bit more insight into where we sit in the market, see below:


  1. We looked at four competitors – Addison Lee, Brisqq, Absolutely,  and drew from their public-facing pricing.  It’s possible that this doesn’t entirely reflect all pricing that is being given to larger buyers of logistics.
  2. We turn up – to every job, almost every time – and offer on-time rates that are significantly better than market standards – 96% on-time or within 10 minutes of the window.  A booking with us means we’re coming – not “we’re coming unless it’s inconvenient to us”, as with our competitors.
  3. We have employees, rather than contractors, which is deeply unusual for this sector.  We therefore have much better reliability and quality of service than you could expect from other logistics providers.
Duncan Palmer
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