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Sharing is Caring

Helping customers spread the costs.

With the massive growth in home delivery options that we are seeing at the moment, it’s fair to say that this brave new world is forcing companies to reimagine their business models. For some businesses, it may not be cost-effective to use Pedal Me on their own.

This is where our new initiative comes in: shared delivery runs. We are offering the option for multiple companies that have a similar spread of customers to combine forces and share a Pedal Me delivery run.

Pages of Hackey and Wild & Woolly

Two companies who are collaborating are independent shops Pages of Hackney and Wild & Woolly, both located on Lower Clapton Road in Hackney.

Pages is an award-winning bookshop that has a fiercely loyal customer base. They started delivering books to local customers by bicycle themselves at the start of the current crisis, and they were wary of the cost of using Pedal Me on their own… so we thought why not share the load between businesses?

So now, Pages of Hackney’s #lockdownliterature service is proud to announce a new low-emission, pedal-powered collaboration with Wild & Woolly and Pedal Me to make it quicker to get books delivered in Hackney and a bit beyond. Orders being delivered to customers in the same area from two companies will be combined into one Pedal Me run. We will aim to complete 8-10 deliveries per hour. The cost can then be divided between them based on the number of drops for each company.

Pages’ owner Eleanor Lowenthal said: “We love what Pedal Me are doing and it’s brilliant to team up with them to be able to offer fast delivery to our loyal customers at a time when all other supply chains are under strain.”

Check their Instagram stories (@pagesofhackney) to see which books are available, then order by email and get your books delivered by bike to your door (usually) the next day.

Need a break from reading? Customers can also order wool, needles and other knitting supplies from Wild & Woolly. If anyone fancies combining some reading and knitting, we’ll parcel up their wool and books together for a great deal. Knitting + books = perfect lockdown relaxation, after all.

Wild & Woolly is a great little shop that specialises in all things knitting. As they say on their website: knitting is for all, and so is Wild & Woolly. So if you’re a committed knitter already, or have vowed to learn during lockdown, check out their website to place your order. If you’re ordering from both businesses, simply quote your Pages of Hackney receipt number before ordering your wool to pay just one delivery charge.

Have a chat with other businesses near to you and we can work together to get through this crisis. We can also help you to find a partner. Get in touch on the usual channels.

How to set it up:
  1. Find a business to partner with or contact us for connections.
  2. Agree which business will set up the account with Pedal Me.
  3. Contact our dispatch team to set up your account by calling 0203 189 1612 or emailing [email protected].
  4. Once the account-holding business has paid, you can work out how to settle up what is owed to them between you.
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