Terms & Conditions

'Pedal Me' is a service operated by Bike Taxi Limited, registered at International House, 776-778 Barking Road, Barking, London, England, E13 9PJ. The aim of Pedal Me is to provide fast, fun, clean travel around urban environments. We operate through the app, 'Pedal Me' which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store (for iPhone) and from Google Play (for Android). We operate under the following terms and conditions.

1. For provision of ‘Biketaxi’ services

These are two-wheeled cargo bikes adapted to carrying passengers owned directly by Bike Taxi Limited and operated by our employees.

2. Booking & Paying

2.1 You can book this service through the app ‘Pedal Me’.

2.2 Payment is taken directly through the app at the end of the journey, at rates that are available on the Pedal Me website – pedalme.co.uk. Note that these prices are likely to vary from time to time, and higher charges apply at certain times. See the website for details.

2.3 A cancellation charge of £5 applies, should you choose to cancel the journey for any reason.

2.4 Cost estimates produced by the app are not binding, they are estimates for guidance only, and the actual cost my vary slightly.

2.5 We keep a record of all bookings and you are encouraged to provide feedback through the app to allow us to improve our service.

2.6 We reserve the right to decline any booking at our discretion, and services are provided ‘as available’.

3. The Journey

3.1 Our employees may cancel the journey at any time if they are concerned for either their own or your safety. Please follow their directions whilst riding with us.

3.2 You travel at your own risk, and must take responsibility for yourself, your own possessions and actions.  Please ensure you keep your belongings secure whilst travelling, in particular mobile phones etc.

3.3 Our bikes are fairly hardy, but you are responsible for damage to, or necessary cleaning resulting from use of the services under your account beyond reasonable wear and tear.

3.4 For rider training, improvement and safety reasons we record all journeys.  We may also use short clips on social media.  By using the app you agree to the publication of these images unless you explicitly tell the rider that you do not want your image being used for publicity reasons (we will still record on camera for our own use not including publication).