Working for us

At Pedal Me, we believe in looking after our people properly. That’s why our team are employees, not contractors.

There are a range of hours available: weekdays and weekends; part-time and full-time (between 18 hours and 38 hours per week). This flexibility means our employees can have a better work-life balance.

You’ll find that Pedal Me is an incredible place to work if you want to advance your career – we move quickly, get things done, and you will be given as much responsibility as you can handle.

You may have noticed that this industry is male-dominated – we certainly have. That’s why Pedal Me is actively seeking women. Because we believe that a workforce as diverse as the city will help us work better as an organisation. So, what are you waiting for? Click the headings below to find out more!

1 Rider Stream

We provide full training and all equipment necessary – be aware that the training and assessment is extremely thorough; a good attitude to learning is the key to success – more important than your starting point.


Once you have a cargo sign off you can start working for us on cargo jobs only, allowing you to earn while you improve your riding skills – both on the job and in specific training sessions with instructors.


The full passenger qualification (which is required within the first three months of employment to become a permanent employee) is usually failed first time – those who’ve failed multiple times include former cycle instructors; fire fighters who usually drive fire trucks; those who passed their driving test first time. It’s extremely hard – but you’ll have all the support you need if you’re willing to learn.



Once qualified, you’ll receive a combination of a set hourly wage plus commission – while you’re learning your trade we commit to a minimum of £10.85 / hr (London Living Wage) and we expect you’ll earn about £11.50 an hour once fully trained (average earnings), with top earners earning over £12.50/hr. 


As we gets busier and as we make improvements in efficiency it should be possible to increase that to £15 and beyond – our target earnings for riders are >£30k PA.  But benefits don’t end there – we supply a work phone; and we offer equity in the company after an initial work period; sick pay, holiday pay, maternity and paternity leave and a supportive work environment for those with caring responsibilities.


If you do need to earn more, we pay 25% extra for anti-social hours so you can top up your earnings by working early mornings and weekends.


We are keen to support your professional development. Our model is that, as far is practicable, all Pedal Me staff do some riding – and we’ll continue developing your rider skills getting you passenger, and then trailer sign-offs once you’ve done your initial training so that you can do a wider range of work.


Beyond that you could easily become our future Social Media whizz, New Business Lead, Web Developer or Mechanic. We’ll help you develop the skills needed depending on the direction you’d like to take. 


Don’t believe us?  Our General Manager for London, Piab, started off as a rider with us 3 years ago – today he leads a team of 70 people.


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2 Mature/Experienced Leadership Stream

High flyer?  Think you’ve got skills we need?  Get in touch and we can look at how we could work together. We’re open to creating roles for people who we think have the potential to add something to what we do – a firm company ethos is “Everyone Rides” – this is a key part of our company culture, and a key part in how we ensure a more reliable service than anyone else – so essential that (even as a high flyer)  you’re prepared to ride.