Crowdcube Pre-Launch

Since our last crowd funding round, demand has continued to grow rapidly. From September 2018 to September 2019 our estimated monthly C02 saving has increased by 108% from 1991kg to 4149kg, the size of our fleet has increased from 12 bikes to 32 bikes (with another 10 on the way in November), our monthly number of jobs done has increased by 150% from 1195 to 2992 and our total distance travelled each month has increased 108% from 7964km to 16598km.

We have been working hard on our own software to help improve the efficiency of our operations, and we have grown from 12 bikes before the last crowdfunder to 32 bikes today. Despite this, to keep up our pace of growth and continue to take market share quickly we need more investment to hire more riders, buy even more bikes and continue to improve our tech.

It’s clear from our operations to date that the size of the market we operate in within London alone is huge.  We still have excess demand, and to capitalize on this and ensure we don’t let our customers down we need to keep expanding our fleet and the number of riders we have.

With greater numbers we can bring down pick up times, expand our market share and be able to provide our great service to more customers. With more improvements to our tech we can increase the efficiency of our operations, which we can pass on to customers by reducing prices.

To do this, we are launching another crowd funding round – you can own a piece of Pedal Me!

We’re expecting to launch this in early November 2019. Until then, drop us a message with your full name and we’ll add you to our pre-launch mailing list.

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