Crowd Cube

Since our launch in April 2017 demand has been growing rapidly (26% monthly mean – entirely organic growth) and we’ve reached the limits of our current number of bikes – we need to expand to keep pace with demand.
It’s clear from our operations to date that the size of the market we’re in is huge.  We’re letting people down because we don’t have the capacity to cope with the peaks in demand and provide the stability of service that we’d like.

With greater numbers we can bring down pick up times (especially important for our passenger service) and improve efficiency; with improved tech we can increase the efficiency of our operations, bringing down price.

To do that we’re putting together a crowd funder – you can own a piece of Pedal Me!
We’re expecting to launch this in mid-October 2018. Until then, drop us a message with your full name and we’ll add you to our pre-launch mailing list.

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