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The Long Game

We plan to change cities.

Really change cities.

Not the kind of small change that means tinkering around the edges of a system that doesn’t work.

The kind of bold, sustainable change that could forever alter the everyday lives of people in cities all over the world.

We enable movement without motors, clean air in cities, and a fast, sustainable solution to city logistics.

We play the long game. In everything we do. We’re not about the quick buck, the fast return; we are not Uber. We are not the WeWontNameItCo, with a CEO cashing out with billions in the bank and leaving investors hanging.

What we are about is delivering sustainable growth and excellent value across a long period of time – for our customers, for cities, for our employees, for our investors.

Sure – we’re growing at a breathtaking rate – from a standing start and 2 part time employees to 45 employees; from a £250k valuation to a £3,750k one in 2.5 years. We’re not done yet.

Our long game approach has given us control over our sector. If we disappeared tomorrow, the bikes and trailers would still exist, but the discipline, culture and expert training that drive our performance advantage over those around us would vanish with us.

I don’t see many other courier firms pedaling trailers into town across 16 miles carrying 200kg loads every day – do you?

If Uber were to cease to exist today? Another company will be in their place tomorrow – with similar tech, a similar business model, the same cars and the same drivers. It’s a business model that expands fast but fails at scale. That is not us.

We control the equipment, the training, the culture that can make what we do happen – our moat game is strong.

This puts us in a position of huge power going forward – we have the blueprint for future city logistics, and we have the right business model to drive it forward.

We play the long game. You?  Invest now:

Invest Aware.  Capital at Risk.

Ben Knowles
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