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The Anti-Uber

Before we started Pedal Me, we spent a lot of time thinking, analysing, and investigating. We’re curious people, and this stuff matters.

We looked at Rickshaws, and how they operated, with many cycle rickshaw companies leasing rickshaws with few checks and staff who are incentivised to maximise their earnings from each job (resulting in negative press and poor reputation).

We looked at City Sprint, and how other delivery companies worked – with their contrived (and sometimes illegal) contracts that deemed their staff to be contractors – not employees – a distinction that resulted in poor service, and being sued at regular intervals.

And we looked at Uber’s taking of London – by burning £50,000/week to make sure there was steady service, with their contractors and their 4% year-on-year retention rate (which means just 4% of the staff who started a year ago are still driving today).

We thought: “well, that’s a stupid way of doing things”.

We thought about the consequences of ridiculously high staff turnover rates when applied to a skill like riding a Pedal Me bike to Pedal Me standard (it’s pretty hard). We thought about the consequences of demotivated staff, trying to game their way through our systems. We thought about the human cost of systematically underpaying people, and how that would affect our ability to provide good service.

We decided to do things another way. A better way. A way that works.

We have motivated employees who care. Who are willing to go the extra mile. (Often quite literally). Who stay late to get the job done. Who will ride in the hammering rain and the howling wind, just to look after our clients. Our employees believe in what we do – they care about what they do because we care about them.

That’s why we are fighting off clients and jobs with a stick.

That’s why people are begging us to go to their city, rather than trying to kick us out for failing to meet the standards of a ‘fit and proper operator’. That’s why we’re going to conquer the world.

That’s why we need your investment.


Ben Knowles
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